Imagine growing up knowing that you had been abandoned by your father as a toddler. Imagine knowing that your own father doesn’t love you.

Imagine having a man come up to you when you were in your 20’s who said, “Thank God, I have finally found you. I’m your father. You were kidnapped when you were 2 and I have been searching for you every day for 20 years.”

Imagine realising that you were lied to for 20 years. You weren’t abandoned, you were taken! By the person who has raised you. By the one you have treated as your father. You have been deceived for 20 years. Your father does love you. He always loved you.

Your real father never gave up hope, never stopped searching, never stopped loving, never stopped hoping that one day, you would be together again.

Isn’t this us?
Didn’t Satan kidnap us as children? Didn’t we grow up thinking, “God doesn’t love us.” Being told by the world that God doesn’t care. That we are all alone. That we are abandoned.

Isn’t God searching for us, calling us, weeping for us…

Let him find you.
He loves you.

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