Little Watchman

This is a web site for Christians.


It has some teaching on the Bible and what it means to be a Christian.

Most of it is stuff that I haven’t found being taught in many places.

It’s all stuff that I think needs teaching.

A lot of it is quite opinionated. But I hope some of it is challenging and useful for building you up.


On this site we use Jesus’ Aramaic name, Yeshua. See why here.


In the Bible Paulus refers to some spiritual teaching being like milk and some being like meat.

Spiritual babies need milk for a while, but then as we advance and grow spiritually it’s time for us to move on to meat.


 If you’re a young/new Christian, start here on some milk.

 Go here if you want some meatier, deeper material.

 Either way, if you want to be challenged about your Christian life, go here.

 Go here if you’re not a Christian, but you have some questions.

 Studies where you read 6 chapters of the Bible yourself and see what God is saying to you.

 Go here to read the “Little Watchman Translation of the Bible”.

 A summary of every Bible book. Background info, key verses, and questions to think about.

 This is a blog of all the articles. Most recent at the top.

 This is my list of recommended books.

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iPhone Apps

We have two apps in the Apple app store. We don’t have any plans to expand that to Android or Windows devices.

Both apps are free.


Not Just Words is a Bible search app that uses a thesaurus to help you find the verses you’re looking for. It also lets you search for combinations of words, and to restrict your search to certain books or sets of books, like OT, NT, ... 

All the Bibles are stored in the app, so there is no need for an internet connection or extra data downloads once you install the app.

Currently the app includes the WEB, KJV, ASV, Darby, Young, LWT versions of the Bible. We do not support commercial Bible versions because of the huge licensing fees they require (even for a free app) and our belief that men should not be profiting from selling God’s Bible.


Not Just Words is also available for Mac. Also free.





Books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, Smashwords

We have recently published these e-books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony and Smashwords. To read them you will need some kind of e-book reader. Most of those sites only have the book in their own proprietary format, but Smashwords has them all, epub, mobi, and PDF formats.


If you don’t have an e-reader you can download one for free from

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On Amazon the books have prices (they won’t let me make them free). On Smashwords and the other sites the books are free. But Amazon is currently price matching Smashwords, so they should also effectively free on Amazon.

Basic Christianity is a collection of basic teaching for new Christians which comes from some of the articles on this web site.

This basic level of teaching is what the apostle Paul refers to as spiritual milk. It’s a bit easier to “digest” than some of the meatier, more advanced teaching that you might be hearing in other places. But as a spiritual baby it’s good for you to just have some milk for a while until you get more used to it. Then you will have a good foundation for when you grow up and you are ready to study deeper things.

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Some of the teaching in the Bible is pretty straightforward and there are often one or two verses which spell it out in black and white. Some other things though only take shape when you start to put the whole thing together. When you step back from a verse by verse theology and you look at the bigger picture.

The Bigger Picture examines some of those doctrines. Doctrines which are by their nature more fundamental in their impact on how we live out our Christianity. These are doctrines which will help you make sense of a lot of the smaller ideas, and which will give you a context in which to place other teachings.

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While it is incredibly important for the church that we do build our doctrine correctly on good foundations, and that we “rightly divide” the message of the Bible, there is a teaching contained in that very message which tells us of something even more important than the message itself.

Love not Right is an attempt to start some discussions, to get Christians thinking, and to move us toward a reputation as a group of people who are known for their love of others. To put aside our preoccupation with who is right and to focus on doing what we were commanded - loving one another. To focus on Love, not Right.

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Back in the ‘80s John White wrote a challenging little book called “Flirting with the World” in which he called out the church of the day for taking on some of the World’s ways and methods. The church is the bride of Christ. Effectively we’re his fiancé. So when the church does things the way the World does, instead of the way Yeshua does… we’re kind of flirting with someone while we’re engaged to someone else! It’s a bit slutty, and pretty disappointing for a girl of our standing. To be honest. These days I feel like the church has moved way beyond flirting, and she’s actually having an affair. Full on, sleeping with the World.

To Be, Not To Be examines many opposing characteristics of the modern church and asks should we be this or should we be that?
Should we be Missional, or Attractional? Should we be Giving, or Making? Should we be Connection, or Entertainment? Should we be God’s Way, or Our Way?

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I think Bibles should be free. And I don’t think businesses should be making profits from selling them.

Little Watchman Translation is an attempt to make as literal a translation as possible of the New Testament while preserving the original intention and a consistent English reading. The overriding principle of translation was to try to avoid any preconception and to just let the original Greek say whatever it says.
And it’s free.

The kindle version is available here. It is also available in various formats on


You can also find these books free online at smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Sony and the iTunes store.




BTW: Why “little watchman”?

I believe that being a watchman is my role in the church, kind of like Ezekiel was for Israel (chapter 33).

I also have been greatly blessed by the teachings of Watchman Nee.

But I wouldn’t dare compare myself with either of them, so the “little” part is my attempt at humility.

Also, my name, Paul, means little, so it’s also a play on words, which appeals to me too.