Advanced Teaching

This is a collection of more advanced topics.

If you’re a new/young Christian then you should probably start here  instead.

Hopefully you will find something here to challenge your thinking.
Hopefully you’ll agree with what I am saying.


Why Yeshua and not Jesus?

Why does this web site call the son of God, “Yeshua”, and not “Jesus” like most of the Western world?


The Great Commission is a Team Command

What did Yeshua mean by the Great Commission and what is my role in that?


Rules for Christian Living

What are the rules for Christian living?


Casual Discipleship

Is there a Biblical method of Discipleship?


Love One Another

Yeshua gave us one commandment. Is this supposed to be our main tool for evangelism?


Love Languages

In the Bible, we’re told to love one another. But how?
This is a summary of the five love languages described by Gary Chapman in his book “Five Love Languages”


The Will of God

What is God’s will for my life?


Church Government

What is the Biblical model for church government and leadership?


Gray Areas

Four questions we can ask to help us make wise decisions about our activities when the Bible seems silent.



How much of my money do I have to give to God?


Do Be Do Be Do

We always seem to focus on what we can do for God, but God doesn’t care what you do, God cares what you be.



Fasting is not compulsory for Christians, but we should be surprised to find a Christian who doesn’t fast.

Fasting for the right reasons can change your life.


Dating Creation

Does the Bible give us an actual date for the creation of the world?



This is a rough timeline of some Biblical events.

It’s not complete, and it’s a work in progress, but it might be helpful.


It’s Not About Money

Giving isn’t about money. God has something else in mind when he asks you to give.

Living isn’t about money either. But you’re going to have to make a choice.


We’re Not All Evangelists

We’re not all evangelists, and we’re not supposed to be either.


God’s Love

What can we do to earn more of God’s love?
Or what if I have done something to make him love me less?


God Owes Me

When you do good for God, how much does he owe you and how do you collect it?


We Are Not God’s Poem

Regardless of how some teachers translate Ephesians 2:10 it does not say that we are God’s poem.


God’s People

Has the church taken over the title of “God’s People” since Israel rejected Yeshua as their Messiah?


Ministry For Sale

How much should we charge for ministry? Preaching, music, books, healing?


Men and Women

What does the Bible say about the role of men and women in family and church?


The Beatitudes

What was the sermon on the mount really about and who can live up to such a high standard?


The Gospels

Some of the gospels are not written in chronological order, especially Luke.
So what order did everything happen and which events are told in more than one gospel.


End Times

What does the Bible say about how things are going to end? Does it say when it will happen? Or if there will ever be a third world war?


What About Us?

What are all these things people talk about: rapture, tribulation, the mark of the beast, 666?
And if there is going to be a time of judgement on the Earth how does that affect the church?


Do You Love Me?

Why was Peter upset when Yeshua asked him three times if he loved him?


How Wise Are You?

Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. How do you measure up?


Thee, Thou, Ye…
Not All Bad

The King James Version has thees and thous... But modern English doesn’t use these words any more. Unfortunately that has robbed us of some great Bible verses.


You’re Already Dead

Ever wonder when you’re going to die? Would you be surprised that you’re already dead? And you have been for a long time?


The New Covenant Replaces The Old Covenant

It seems obvious that something new replaces the old one which was there before. But somehow, when it comes to the covenants between God and mankind we don’t get it.


God’s Love is Conditional

Check out this verse from John which says that God’s love for you is conditional.
Or is it?


You is Plural

In English the singular and plural for “you” are the same. In Greek they are different.
How does this affect how we read the Bible and possibly even what it really means?



There is increasing acceptance in the Western world of homosexuality. There is even a push for governments to allow gay marriage. What does the Bible really say about this, and how should we respond?


Yahweh, Yeshua

Yahweh and Yeshua are the names of God and of his son. Yet we never use them. Why not?


Take Me To Your Leader

So who can be a leader in the church?
And who decides that?


Broken Vows

Breaking vows was serious stuff in the Old Testament.
How about now? Is it OK now?


John The Baptist was No Angel

I’m not saying he was a bad person.
Mark 1:2 could be translated “I send my angel ahead of you…” So why isn’t it?


Jewish Time

How is Jewish time, (hours, days, months) different from ours?


Giving the Devil a Foothold

Ephesians says that our anger gives the devil a foothold and gives him permission to enter our lives.


Generational Curses

Deliverance ministry speaks a lot about generational curses.
Is that a Biblical thing?


No Rosters for Churches

Lots of churches have rosters for morning tea, cleaning, maintenance, … all the things that “anybody can do”.
Is that Biblical?


No Individual Christians

The “world” teaches us that we’re individuals and that we need to look after number 1.
What does the Bible say?


Blessing or Command

In Genesis 1 Yahweh says, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue it”.
Is that a blessing? Or is it a command? And if it is, are we breaking it?


Soldiers not Knights

When you read about the armour of God in Ephesians it’s easy to picture yourself as a knight in shining armour defending the world from the forces of evil.
But what if you’re just an ordinary soldier?


We are the Temple of the Living God

We are a temple of the living god. He has said he will make his home among us.


God Includes, We Exclude

What definition can we come up with to decide who is and isn’t a Christian.
How much fellowship should we have with those who fail that test?



How do you calm someone down when they’re really angry?
Ready to literally kill people angry? How can you calm someone that angry back down?


Allah is Not Yahweh

Is Allah just the Arabic name for Yahweh? Or are they different beings?
(If they are, then one of them is an imposter)


Three in One

Genesis 1 seems to say that several gods acted together as one to create the world.
Is it bad grammar, or is there some truth there which is lost in translation?