God’s Love

Many Christians seem to worry about having done something that will have made God love them less.

How can we know what those things are and how to avoid them?
And how can we earn more of God’s love?

You can’t.

He can’t!

God cannot love you any more, (or any less), than he already does.
His love for you is completely unconditional. It does not depend in any way upon what you do or don’t do.
It depends solely on his choice to love you because he created you in his own image.

If you think God loves you less than he loves your favourite Pastor or missionary, then you are simply… wrong.
If you think that God loves you more than he loves a smelly drug addict who stole your purse, then you are simply… wrong.

There is nothing you can do to earn or increase his love to you.
Likewise, there is nothing you can do to lose or lessen his love for you.

God will love you just as much if you spend all tomorrow sinning as he will if you spend all of tomorrow fasting and praying.
(of course, that is not meant to imply that you should sin. Certainly not.)
But we delude ourselves into thinking that God’s love is like our love, and that it depends on the behaviour of the person being loved. It doesn’t.
We delude ourselves into thinking that if we are “good” then God will love us more.

God loves you so much that he sacrificed his own son for you. And that was even before you became a Christian. (Romans 5).
God didn’t start loving you when you became a Christian. And he doesn’t stop when you sin.
God has always loved you. And he always will. Nothing you can do about it.
Nothing anyone can do about it. Nothing Satan can do about it. No person, no being, no action, no sin, no gift, no job, nothing, can change God’s love for you.

Liberating isn’t it.

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