6 Chapter Studies

These studies are up to you.
When I first came up with them I added a lot more comments and drove the questions. But then I decided that the holy spirit can do that for you, way better than I can.

So the idea is to read 6 whole chapters. Discussing each as you do. But more importantly discussing common themes and how each relates to the other as you go along.

I hope they’re a blessing to you as they have been to us.


Why Church

Why did God invent church?
What’s it for? How should it work? What’s your role?


Spiritual Attack

What is spiritual attack? Can it happen to you? Or is that just something for Yeshua and the prophets to handle?
Is there anything that you can do about it if it does happen to you?



Is there anything we should worry about? Work? Health? Cost of living?
What things should have priority in our life, and what “just happens”?


End Times

What does “End Times” even mean?
Is it now?


Day of Yahweh

The Old Testament has a lot of references to “The Day of Yahweh”.
What is that? Is that a Christian thing or a Jewish thing? Or both?


Church Purpose

What is the role and purpose of the church?
Is it to stand in judgement on the world and force them to repent? Or something else?


Grace or Law? Faith or Works?

Should we keep the 10 commandments? How about the rest of the Law?
What is grace, and how does that affect things for Christians?


Helping The Poor

Yeshua said that there will always be poor people. So we can’t fix that.
But how do we get a balance between eradicating poverty and just not caring?



How is judgement supposed to be done in the church?
How is it not supposed to be done?



What was the letter to the Ephesians all about?
Why do you think Paulus wrote it?


Conflict Resolution

How do you resolve conflict?
Do you have a strong response?
Are you a wimp?



What is tongues? Is it just languages we never learned? Can we speak more than one at a time? Can everyone do it? Is it still happening?


Lasting Change

We all have things in our lives that we want to change.
Most of us even want to change ourselves.
How do you do that, in a way that doesn’t just last a few weeks?


What’s Prayer For?

Why pray? What to pray about?
Ever wonder?
Ever wonder why nobody seems to answer?


How Should We Do Church?

How should we do church?
How should we be church?
Is there any difference between being culturally relevant, and being Biblical?