Conflict Resolution

Matthew 18
Acts 15
1 Corinthians 6
1 Peter 4
Ezekiel 34
Romans 14

When someone wrongs you, how would you react if Yeshua was standing next to you?

Read through each chapter.
Ask God to show you what you need to see.
Discuss anything that seems interesting and see where it takes you.
As you read each new chapter, look for common themes, and also discuss how it relates to the others.

And finally ask yourself, “So what?”
Was this just some interesting information? Or is it life changing?
What are you going to do differently from now on?
What choices are you going to need to change?
How is this study going to influence your lifestyle?

How do these chapters help you with how to respond to conflict?

When should you forgive?
When should you stand your ground?
When should you compromise?

What was so important about Acts 15 and the conclusions they reached?

Have you ever been wronged? How did you respond?
What else could you have done? Good or bad… what would have been the likely outcome?
How about looking back now? Is it still important to you?
What would you do now if someone wronged you in the same way?

Have you ever been the other way around where you have wronged someone?
How did they respond?
How did that make you feel?
How should they have responded?

Do you count yourself as a strong, mature Christian? Or a weak, immature one?
Does that matter? Does it change how you should respond in a conflict?

Would churches be different if we all lived like this?
Would your church be different?
Would your own life be different?

How would this affect your stress levels?
How would it affect your general contentment with life?

How would you react if Yeshua was standing next to you?
What if he was the one who you thought had wronged you?
What if you had wronged him? How would you feel?
How do you think he would respond?
Does that make him weak?

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