You is Plural

No my grasp of grammar hasn’t left me. In fact quite the opposite.
One thing which has stood out for me as I have translated the New Testament is that mostly, when Yeshua says, “you” it is in the plural form.
In English you is the same whether I mean “you, the one person I’m pointing at”, or “you, all the people here listening to me”. In Greek they are different. And not even similar... It’s not a separate word like it is in English, you can tell from the verb ending. But its “eis” vs “ete”. Very clearly one or the other.

But so what.

In the Bible we are much more treated as if we were a body of people, not individuals. We bear responsibility for each other’s actions. We share each other’s rewards. We have a responsibility to the group.

Modern Christianity seems to be very much about my relationship with God. It is very much individual Christianity. And in our modern mind set when we read “you” we usually think “me”, not “us”.
But this is influenced by our culture, it is not the Christianity I see in the Bible.
Christians are not independent. From the moment we become Christians we become part of the body of Christ. We are no longer individuals, but different parts of the same body.

“You (pl) are the light of the world.” Not me, not you, but us. Together. Together we are the light of the world.
“You (pl) are the salt of the earth” .Not me, not you, but us. Together. Together we are the salt of the earth.
“As you (pl) go, make disciples of all nations.” This is something we should be doing together. As a team.
“You (pl) are the body of Christ.” All of us. Together. We need each other.

How different would your church be if everybody lived like that?
How different would your life be if you lived like that?

Let’s make it happen. Together.

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