Three in One

Genesis 1
1 John 1
Matthew 3

Most Christians can quote Genesis 1:1
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”

The word translated “God” in that verse is “Elohim”

In English we differentiate between singular and plural. Usually we add an “s”.
One god.
Two or more gods.

In Hebrew, they differentiate between one, two, and three or more.
Elohim literally means “three or more gods”.

In English we also conjugate many verbs differently depending on who is doing it.
Most languages do that.
Hebrew does too.

So in English we say things like, “I am, he is, they are, … “

But here’s something interesting.
Genesis 1:1 says “Gods (3 or more) created (singular) … “
So technically that looks like bad Hebrew grammar.
Like saying, “they is” in English.

But we know that Moshe knew Hebrew, and in fact he was very well educated.
And scholars over the years could have corrected it if it was wrong.
So, is something else going on?

It’s saying, “The three person God” acted as one and created the heavens and the earth.

God is 3 beings, acting as one.
Father, Son, Holy Spirit…

We see something about this in the New Testament too.
In 1 John 1 we read, “That which was from the beginning, which we’ve heard, which we’ve looked upon with our eyes, which we gazed upon, and our hands have felt, concerning the message of life. And the life was manifested, and we’ve seen, and we testify, and we report to you the everlasting life, who was with the father and was manifested to us. We report to you what we’ve seen and heard, so that you also may have partnership with us. And our partnership is with the father, and with his son Yeshua the Anointed.”

The disciples believed that Yeshua had eternal existence, and that he was with Yahweh in the beginning. They were both involved in creating the world we live in.
The two are really one.
We read also of the holy spirit, who was sent from the father to become one with Yeshua when he was baptised by Yohannes.
And who returned to the father when Yeshua gave up his life for us and died on the stake.

We have marriage which makes us one “entity”. But the unity of father, son and spirit, is something really amazing, and difficult for us to fully comprehend due to our physical limitations which stop us becoming truly and totally one with another person.

When I was investigating Christianity, one thing I was sure of… if any god is real, then they always existed.
So at first I was sceptical about Yeshua, because I thought he had only existed for 2,000 years.
But the more I read, the more I realised that Yeshua had in fact existed even before Creation, and that he is in fact, really the son of Yahweh as he claimed to be. And the Bible itself confirms that right from the very beginning!

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