It’s Not About Money

Ready for a shock?

God doesn’t need your money. Never did. Never will.

If you think that giving is about money, then you have completely missed the point.
Giving is about your heart. It’s about your attitude. It’s about your willingness to trust God.
It’s about you serving God and you not serving money.

The band “Everybody duck” has a great song called “Get in the plate”.
It basically says, that if you really want to give to God, then next time you’re at church and the plate comes around… get in.
Give your self to God, not your money.

God wants you to reach a point where you rely on him for your security instead of relying on material things.
It’s true that God does like you to demonstrate your heart attitude by giving your material things to him.
But God doesn’t need money from anyone.

Btw: God definitely doesn’t need to go begging to non-Christians for money.
And he doesn’t need to have a fund raiser to flog off useless junk and hot dogs to passers by either.
If God wants something to happen he will arrange the funding. Trust him.

Read “L’Abri” by Francis Schaeffer. Or the biography of George Mueller or Hudson Taylor.
Seriously. God is loaded.

If you need money for some ministry that you believe God has called you to, then just trust him.
I don’t even think you need to ask him. He already knows that you need it.
Do sparrows ask God for food? You are worth more than many sparrows.
If you need money or material things for God’s work, then just trust him and they will come.

If he doesn’t send the money, then maybe you were wrong.
Maybe it’s not God’s work?
Perhaps it’s time to start fasting and praying about your ministry.
Perhaps it’s time to start fasting and praying about recognising needs and wants.

Our Western culture is blaring the message louder and louder every day… “IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY”.
But it’s not true.
It’s all about God. It’s all about trusting him and relying on him for your security.

Yeshua even said, “You cannot serve both God and money”.
It’s your choice which one you serve, but you can’t serve both. It’s impossible.

So which is it going to be?

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