We are the Temple of the Living God

2 Corinthians 6
Matthew 7
Matthew 10

Context matters. The “you” is plural. 2 Corinthians 6 is about us as a group, not about individual Christians.

I’ve often heard 2 Corinthians 6 used to “prove” that demons can’t enter Christians.
While that might be true, that’s not what this chapter is about.

This chapter is about us. As a group. Not about individual Christians.
We, (as a group), are a temple of Yahweh. He makes his home among us. Us - the church.
The “you” of verse 16 is plural. Paulus is saying to the church at Corinth: “You, all of you, (not each of you), are a temple. Live like it.”

The context of this chapter is about the church as a group, enduring all sorts of things, in order to give no offence, so that the message of truth will be heard. So they, (unbelievers), will have nothing bad to say about us. (Unless they lie).

It’s about setting ourselves, (plural), apart because we really do have nothing in common with them, (unbelievers).
We would be unequally yoked. It would be a partnership between light and darkness, between righteousness and lawlessness.
Between the Anointed and the Devil.

So be clearly separated, (Christians as a group), from them, (Unbelievers as a group).
Live differently. Behave differently. Endure their hatred and contempt and show love.

Sadly so many churches are becoming more and more like the world.
More like the false prophets of Matthew 7, worldly wolves in the clothing of sheep. More like a worldly club than a true church.
Less like the disciples of Matthew 10, sent out as sheep among wolves. As prudent as serpents, and as pure as doves.

As a group, we have been chosen as a temple of Yahweh.
Let’s live as separate as we possibly can from the world around us, and bring glory to our father.

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