3D Posters

Daniel 2
Colossians 1
Romans 1
Matthew 11
Matthew 16

Because flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you, but my father, who’s in the heavens.

Some of you might remember these posters from the 1990’s?
Look far away, like you’re trying to see through the poster, and suddenly they’ll start to become a clear 3D image.
Some of you might have grandparents who remember 😊.

(Tap the image to open it bigger on its own if you want to try to see it now. Or zoom in a few times. This thumbnail sized image doesn’t work properly because ¾ of the pixels are missing.)

People can tell you what it is… and you can believe them, and you can try to see it.
But some people really struggle to see it. To the point that they sometimes doubt that it’s real. (Especially back in the 90’s when these first came out). They start to think it’s a trick, and then no matter how much people try to reassure them that it’s a real thing and the “hidden” 3D image is really there, they will have doubts if they can’t see it for themselves.

But for most people, one day they will be staring at the image, and suddenly they will see it for themselves… and from then on, they know that it’s real.
There will never be any doubt again.

The gospel of Yeshua is like that.
People can tell you what it is. And you can believe them.
But suddenly one day God himself will show you a Bible verse, or something will happen in your life…
And in a split second you will suddenly see it for yourself, and you will know that it is real.

Then, like Petros did in that Matthew 16 story… you will be able to answer the question that Yeshua is asking.
“Who do you say that I am?”
Not who do others say that he is, who do you say that Yeshua is?

And you will know that it is true, just like Petros did, because flesh and blood didn’t reveal it to you, but Yeshua’s father (God), who’s in the heavens revealed it to you himself.

Have you seen it?

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