Common Ancestors

At a fundamental level pretty much everyone who knows even a little about the Bible knows that it teaches that Adam and Eve were the first humans, and so we are all descendant from them.

But we’re also all descendant from Noah and his wife. So we also inherit their genealogy. Another 18 people, and more than 1700 years of history.
Adam & Eve (the first humans, who lived in Eden), Seth and his wife, Enosh and his wife, Kenan and his wife, Mahalalel and his wife, Jared and his wife, Enoch (who walked with God and didn’t die) and his wife, Methuselah (who lived 969 years) and his wife, Lamech (who married two women and lived 777 years) and one of his wives, and Noah (who survived the flood) and his wife.

Some of our common ancestors did some cool stuff!
It would be awesome to meet them and hear their stories first hand.

But so what?
So what that we have common ancestors and share all that family history?

Do you treat your brother differently than you treat a stranger?
Do you show more respect to your Aunt and Uncles than you do to a stranger?
Would you help out a relative more readily than you would help a stranger?

Let’s be clear.
Everyone is your relative.

Even the people you don’t like.
Even your boss. Even your employees.
Even the homeless guy you see on the way to work.

Even if their hair or their eyes are a different colour than yours.
Even if their skin is a different colour than yours.
We are all related.
We are all one family.

There are not several races, there is one. Ours. The human race.
There are not different “people groups”. There is one. Ours. Our family.

They might be strangers in the sense that you don’t know them.
But no more a stranger than a cousin you have never met.
Whoever they are. Wherever they live. They’re family.

So let’s treat them like family.
And let’s see what else we have in common other than our 20 common ancestors and 1700 years of history.

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