Imagine being certain of your future, your eternal home, but when you get there, you find out that it’s been condemned.

An apartment block near us was just condemned as “extreme fire risk” because the materials used to clad the outside of it are quite flammable.

People had been living there for more than 10 years.
But now they have 48 hours to get out and not come back.

Anything they don’t move out by then, will stay there until the building is “repaired” and is deemed safe by the local council. That might be a year. Or more.
During that time, they will have to find somewhere else to live.
Of course nobody would be willing to buy it in the current state, so they can’t sell.
They will have to keep paying their mortgage.
They will have to pay for rent or some other kind of accomodation for a year.
And they will have to pay for repairs which could be $200-300,000 for each apartment.

Normally in Australia we have builder’s insurance for 10 years to cover faulty workmanship. But the builder went out of business 5 years ago. So there is no company to sue, and there is no insurance.
And besides, there is no evidence that the builder did anything wrong, it’s just that the materials which they thought were OK 10 years ago, are no longer considered safe.
And they may have gone out of business just because they retired… There is no implication of illegal or even immoral behaviour on the part of the builder.

So who did wrong? Seems like nobody.
Who will pay? Seems like the owners.
Is that fair? Doesn’t feel like it.

So of course we feel incredibly compassionate towards them. They are going through a very stressful thing, and there seems no easy way out for them. But all we can do really is to be there for them while they go through it. To remind them that they’re not alone.

But this made me think of our eternal home.

Where do you plan to spend eternity?
I have accomodation set up. It’s already been built. It’s already paid for.
I’m very much looking forward to going there.

But imagine being certain of your future, your eternal home, (and so there is no mistake, we’re talking about after you die), and when you get there, you find out that it’s been condemned.

A lot of people are facing that reality.
The Bible says that unless Yeshua built your house, then it’s going to burn. It is effectively condemned as unsafe, a fire hazard. You will not be able to live there.

Some of us have chosen the wrong builder.
Maybe you have built yours yourself. Thinking that your own good life will guarantee you a secure eternal home.
It won’t. It’ll burn. It’s condemned.

Maybe you figure you’re OK because you worship “The Universe”, … or Buddha, or Allah… Or because all religions are the same…
They’re not. You’re not. Your house is condemned too. You cannot live there.

You will have to have it rebuilt.
But you won’t be able to afford it. The price is too high. 
It will be too late. You’ll be homeless.

There is only one builder who’s work is acceptable. One builder who’s houses will stand.
There is only one builder you can trust for your eternal home.

No one else.
Trust him.

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