James 4
Ephesians 5
Hebrews 12
1 Timothy 6

If all your dreams came true, what would you achieve? What would you become? What would that look like for you?

So many people these days seem to spend every spare minute they have playing computer games like Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto.
And most of the ones who just read that sentence and said “young people”… probably spend all their time watching TV.
And be honest, most of what’s on TV is mindless garbage.

And so many spend hours every day following “influencers” on TikTok or Facebook. And dreaming of becoming one.
I even heard of some recently who just broadcast their morning routine. And they have millions of followers!

Let me be blunt. And just ask:
Are you wasting your life?

If I asked you to list your biggest achievements from the last 10 years… would you even have any?
What if God asked you? Would you have any that impressed him?

If all your dreams came true, what would you achieve?
What would you become? What would that look like for you?
Would you be a world explorer? A famous scientist? An astronaut?
Or would you just reach level 60 in Warcraft? Or have a million followers on TikTok?
Would you just have tons of money and be “rich and famous”? And just not have to work, ever.

Is there anyone in the Bible you would want to be like? Do you have a Biblical hero you look up to and aspire to be like?
Paulus … changing the face of discipleship, and evangelising the world? Actually writing a huge part of the New Testament.
Saul … his country’s first king, rich, powerful? Thousands of servants. I’m sure his horses were the equivalent of owning Ferrari’s.
What about being like Ruth … poor, faithful to her mother in law, and becoming an ancestor of Yeshua?

My feeling is that most people would choose Saul from that list. But he’s the one who was furthest from God.
He wasn’t God’s choice for a king, but the worldly people if Israel chose Saul instead, because they wanted to be like the people of the countries all around them. (They wanted to be cool).

Are you obsessed with what you’re missing out on? Obsessing over what other people are getting that you’re not?

What are you willing to do to change that outcome?
Or do you expect it to just land in your lap without any effort or sacrifice on your part?
Do you really think you’re that special that it will work like that?

Spend a few minutes doing this:
Compare the you you are, with the you you could be.
And think about which of those two, (if either), is the you you should be?

If you’re always distracted by the world. Playing computer games, following influencers on TikTok, or even just spending every evening watching mindless TV… you probably don’t spend anywhere near enough time thinking about who God wants you to be.
Maybe this article is his wake up call to you… to get your attention and snap you out of the life you have blended into, to begin a new life with him. A life of adventure. A life with meaning, and satisfaction.
Maybe a tough life. Maybe a poor life. (Maybe not).
But a life you can look back on later and feel like it wasn’t wasted.

Petros, and his brother Andreas, were probably pretty happy being fishermen in Galilee.
Working hard every day, but building their family business.
But then Yeshua came along and called them to follow him.
They walked away from that life. Literally leaving it all behind.

Is Yeshua calling you?
If he is, then he’s calling you to be different to everyone else?
To stop wasting this life he’s given you, and to follow him.

Are you willing to look back on your death bed and see nothing but waste, and feel nothing but regret?
Or are you willing to walk away from it all now, and live your life to its fullest potential following Yeshua?

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