Global Warning

No, not a typo. Warning, not warming.

Throughout the Bible we see stories of famine and plague. 
But without exception they are the judgement of God against a nation. 
Usually to get their attention. To make them realise they have turned away from God and they need to turn back. 

So, all over the world now we are seeing growing concern about global warming. Fear that temperatures and oceans are rising. The ice is melting and life as we know it will come to an end if we don’t do something to reverse it.

Leaving aside the arguments about whether this is caused by mankind’s gaseous emissions or it is part of the cycle of the planet...
Regardless of the physical cause. We should be giving real thought as to whether this is a Global Warning.

Globally nations are turning away from God. We are increasingly driven by our greed for more and more money at the expense of others. We are increasingly self focused. Demanding our “rights”, especially our right to be happy.
We are even demanding our right to be happy regardless of how far we have strayed from the moral code handed down to us by God himself.

Who are we kidding?

History is an important thing. By studying history we improve our chances of not making the same mistakes over and over.
Biblical history teaches us that these kinds of climate events are usually the result of God trying to get our attention.
The Bible teaches us that it is time to urgently turn back to God with a sense of deep repentance and remorse.

Perhaps it is already too late? Perhaps this is already our last warning.

But the solution is not to reduce our emissions.
Just as the solution to poverty is not money, it is to turn back to God.
So too, the solution to global warming is to turn back to God.

Not just individually. But as nations. Listen to the Global Warning and take heed.
Before it’s too late.

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