History as We Know It

Ephesians 3

It’s a bit like a Dad joke to say that history is “His Story”. But it really is.

Yahweh exists outside of time. So his story has no beginning.
But he created the universe we physically live in, and it includes time, so that has a beginning.

Almost 6,000 years ago (for us)…
in the beginning God, (Yahweh), made the world.
The planets, the stars, the air, the water, the land.
He made plants, animals, fish, birds.

He even made a couple of people, (Adam and Eve), and put them in a perfect garden.
Life was really the mythical paradise for them. The food was everywhere, the animals were friendly, the weather was perfect.
No disease, nothing bad at all.
It literally was, “The Easy Life”.

He gave them one rule.
There were two fruit trees in the garden which they weren’t allowed to eat.
They could eat anything else, but not those two trees.

But they ate one.
So God’s perfect garden was ruined. He expelled them from it.
And their easy life was gone.
Now they had to work hard to get food. They could get sick. They could even die.
Their lives, (and ours), were cursed by sin.

Later, one of their two sons even killed his brother.
They went on to have more children, and the “human race” had begun.
But our first relationship with Yahweh, living in his perfect garden, had been ruined and now we had to live in a world corrupted by our sin. Where things go wrong, where people get sick, and where people even die.

We didn’t do too well.
Turns out, if you give sin the chance, it takes over.
We treated each other horribly.
Most of our ancestors even walked away from their relationship with Yahweh.
No longer worshipping him, no longer trying to live his way.
Selfishly living only for what we saw as our own personal benefit, and not caring about that impact on other people on the planet.
(Kind of feels like we’re just about back there sometimes).

Yahweh still had his people who were faithful.
But in the end, he couldn’t stand what we had become, and he decided to wipe us out and start again.
So about 4,500 years ago he flooded the planet and wiped out everyone living there except the one faithful man he had found, (Noah), and his family. 8 people.

So he started again, with a faithful family, still living in a world contaminated by sin, but living in a way which pleased Yahweh.
He gave us one rule. (Sounds familiar).
Spread out and populate the planet.

But our drive to sin and “self rule” is strong. Again, most of us walked away from Yahweh so we could pursue our own selfish sinful desires.
And after a while we hadn’t spread out as he told us, and we started building our own tower to the sky, so we could prove how much we were our own god, and didn’t need him.
This was another line we crossed, and Yahweh intervened again.
He confused our language, so we all started speaking other languages, to force us to divide and spread out.
It worked. We did.
But we still held on to our sin.

And again, Yahweh chose a faithful man and his family. Abraham.
And prepared a place for them to live, (Israel), and moved them there from Iran.

About 300 years later there was a huge drought and famine in that whole area of the world.
But Yahweh had prepared for this, and had already sent Joseph to Egypt and even incredibly intervened to raise him from slavery and prison to be a leader of that nation, second only to Pharaoh himself.
And so Yahweh’s people were kept in safety there for hundreds of years.
But then they were forced into slavery by the Pharaoh at the time.

And Yahweh intervened again to save his people and return them to their land.
He raised up Moses, who led his people to freedom out of Egypt. But because of their sinful rebellion they had to wait 40 more years and return to their land under the leadership of Joshua.

This time he gave them more than one rule.
He famously gave them ten main rules, (the commandments). To spell out more clearly and precisely what he did and didn’t want them doing to live his way. He also gave them hundreds of other smaller rules for how to live.

And he separated out one family, the Levites, to lead them as priests, to help them live his way, and to educate them on how to do that.

They did better.
They still struggled with sin, but he gave them a way through the Levites to cover over their sin with the blood of animals.
They sinned, but they were fairly successful in retaining their relationship with Yahweh, and lived as his people for about 1500 years. (With a few hiccups).

Then, just over 2,000 years ago he changed his relationship with mankind in a massive way.
He sent his own son, (Yeshua), who lived the perfect life as an example for us, who taught us what we need to know, and who then died and was raised from death to set us free from the sin which had held us bondage for 4,000 years.
His blood doesn’t just cover over our sin, it washes it away like it never happened.
Because of this, even when we sin, we can stay in a good relationship with Yahweh.

Paulus wrote about this in Ephesians 3. A secret which had always been there, but which nobody had understood.
This was always Yahweh’s plan for us. Right from the start, he knew that this would be how we could live in a relationship with him.
And it was always his plan to include all of humanity in that relationship, not just his “chosen people”, the Jews.

And so here we are. Living in that relationship, made possible through Yeshua.

What’s next?
According to Revelation, (and several other books), Yeshua will return and physically reign on the Earth for 1,000 years, before the end of this planet and the creation of a new one. One where we will all live, without sin, for the rest of eternity.
Not just in a garden paradise, but on a whole new planet, with a massive new Jerusalem.
When? 2,000 years after Yeshua was crucified will be 2030.


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