Who, When, Where

Written by Joel. We don't know much about Joel.
Joel was probably written about 830-800BC, about a hundred years or so before Isaiah, and about 200 years or more before the Exile. But there really isn’t a lot of information which helps us date it, so it could be later.
Almost certainly the book of Joel was written in Jerusalem, during the period of the divided kingdom. At that time Israel had a pattern of being blessed by God, rebelling and worshipping idols, being disiplined by God, repenting, being blessed by God, …


Joel is a wonderful prophecy which shows the heart of Yahweh, that even though his people rebel against him continuously and worship idols, he always hopes they will plead for mercy so he can relent from disciplining them and bless them instead.

The prophecy in Joel seems to have some shorter term fulfillmen in the subsequent invasions and deliverance of Israel, but looking back now with the hindsight of the New Testament and the knowledge that Israel is in fact back in Israel after nearly 2000 years away, it seems Joel might have seen much further into the future than he might have imagined at the time. It seems Joel is an end time prophecy.

And it seems it might happen soon.

Before You Read

Did you know that Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in AD70? And that from then until 1948 the Jews lived scattered around the world? They were given back the land of Palestine (the Bible land of Canaan) after World War II. In 1965 they were recognised as a nation for the first time in almost 2000 years in the United Nations.

Did you know that God prophesied that in the Old Testament? That Israel would be expelled from their land for that many years.

And now in Joel, you will read how God will one day restore Israel, and at that time he will gather her enemies to the valleys around Jerusalem and pour his judgement on them.

Do you think that could be in our generation?

Key Verses

Joel 2:25

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,
the great locust, the grasshopper, and the caterpillar,
my great army, which I sent among you.

A verse of great hope. After reading the extreme destruction of the locusts and famine in chapter 1, Yahweh responds to the pleas of his people and promises to restore the years the locusts have eaten. What an awesome promise.
How wonderful for the new Christian, lamenting over the years they wasted living apart from God, to know that he is the God who repays the years the locusts have eaten.

Joel 2:28

“It will happen afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;
and your sons and your daughters will prophesy.
Your old men will dream dreams.
Your young men will see visions.

Fulfilled on the day of Pentecost after Yeshua died. Part of Petros' speech on that day… And still happening now. Yahweh is pouring his spirit on men and women who prophesy, and dream. How awesome.

Joel 3:10

Beat your plowshares into swords,
and your pruning hooks into spears.

Time for war. Turn everything you have into weapons. The complete opposite of Isaiah 2 where the peace of Yahweh has come.

After You Read

What verses really stood out to you?

How would you summarize this book in a sentence or two? What is it about? What is God trying to say to us?

Where else have you read about the Day of Yahweh?
How does this compare to the end of Revelation? Do you think it’s the same thing?

How do you think this fits together with Isaiah 2?

If part of this prophecy was fulfilled in Acts 2, why does it seem like the rest of it is still waiting for completion?

Has God ever restored things lost for you?

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