Who, When, Where

Written by Obadiah. Obadiah means “Servant of Yahweh”
Israel was attacked by the Philistines around 850BC. (2 Kings 8). So possibly this judgement is against Edom for not helping then.
There is also an Obadiah mentioned in 1 Kings, 1 Chronicles as a contemporary of Elijah.
So these would date this book to around 850BC.
The kingdom of Edom was basically just south of Jerusalem. Obadiah was in Israel.


A prophecy against Edom, the Edomites, the descendants of Jacob/Israel’s older brother Esau whom he deceived out of his birthright and his blessing.
Obadiah received a short but powerful prophecy that the Day of Yahweh was coming and when it did, Israel would be the only survivors. Israel will be judged too, but at least a remnant of them will remain and they will posess everything around them.

Before You Read

In history no nation which has attacked the Jews has prospered.
Yahweh will judge his people, but his judgement against those who are not his people will be total.

Christians of course are a whole other ball game. We are exempt from the judgment of God because we are totally 100% righteous in his sight through Yeshua. What a blessing to have been born into this life rather than the billions of others which might have been.

Key Verses

Obadiah 12

Don’t look down on your brother in the day of his disaster.

It’s easy to feel good when our enemy suffers. But it isn’t the attitude God wants us to have.

After You Read

What verses really stood out to you?

How would you summarize this book in a sentence or two? What is it about? What is God trying to say to us?

The Edomites were judge for not coming to help Israel when it was attacked. But given their forefathers’ history… do you think you would have helped if you were an Edomite back then?
But Yahweh is saying you should have.
Maybe doing the right thing has nothing to do with revenge or unforgiveness?
And when you and Yahweh disagree, who is wrong?

How “fair” do you think it is that Esau’s descendants are judged so harshly but Jacob’s children are saved? How does that compare with Romans 9:13. How is your definition of fair different to Yahweh’s definition? Who has to change?

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