3 John

    The elder.

    To Gaius the beloved, whom I love in truth.

    Beloved, I’m praying about all things, that things will go well with you-, and you’ll- be healthy, just as things go well with your- soul. For I rejoiced greatly when the brothers arrived and they testified of your- truth, just as you- walk in truth. I have no joy greater than this, that I hear that my children walk in the truth.

    Beloved, be faithful in whatever you- should work for the brothers, (and for foreigners), who have testified of your- love in front of the assembly, those whom you’ll- do well to send ahead worthily of God. For they went out on behalf of his name, not taking anything from the nations. So we ought to accept ones such as this, so that we may become fellow workers of the truth.

    I wrote to the assembly, but the one who’s fond of being the foremost of them, Diotrephes, doesn’t accept us. Because of this, if I ever come I’ll remind him of the works he does, talking nonsense against us with wicked messages. And not satisfied with these, not even accepting the brothers himself, and forbidding those who intend to do so, throwing them out of the assembly.

    Beloved, don’t imitate evil but good. The one who does good is from God. But the one who does evil hasn’t seen God. Testimony has been given to Demetrius by all, and by truth itself. And we also testify. And you= know that our testimony is true.

    I had much to write to you-, but I don’t want to write through ink and reed. But I expect to see you- very soon, and we’ll speak face to facea.

    Peace to you-. The friends greet you-. Greet the friends by name.

a) “face to face” is literally “mouth to mouth”