Paulus, a prisoner of Anointed Yeshua, and Timotheos, my brother.

    To Philemon, the beloved, and our fellow worker. And to Apphia, the beloved, and to Archippus our fellow soldier, and to the assembly of your- household.

    Grace to you=, and peace, from God our father and from the lord Yeshua the Anointed.

    I give thanks to my god, always making remembrance of you- in my prayers, hearing of your- love, and the faith which you- have towards the lord Yeshua, and to all the holy, so that the partnershipa of your- faith may come to be active, in recognition of every good thing among us, regarding Anointed Yeshua.

    For we have much thankfulness and consolation from your- love, because the heartsb of the holy have been relieved through you- brother. That’s why I have much boldness in the Anointed to command you- about what’s proper. But rather, I entreat you- through love, being such a one as Paulus, an old man, and now also a prisoner of Yeshua the Anointed. I entreat you- about my child, whom I fathered in my bonds, Onesimusc, who used to be uselessd to you-, but is now usefuld to both you- and me, and whom I’m sending up to you-. He who is my own heartb, whom I intended to keep with me, so that on your- behalf he might serve me in those bonds of the good news.

    But I didn’t want to do anything without knowing your- intention, so that your- good work wouldn’t be forced, but might be voluntary. For perhaps he was separated from you- for an hour because of this, so that you- might have him back forever, no longer as a slave, but more than a slave, a beloved brother, especially to me, and how much more to you-, both in the flesh and in the lord.

    So if you- regard me as a partner, accept him as you- accept me. And if he did some wrong to you-, or owes anything, put that on my account. I, Paulus, write with my own hand. I’ll pay it back, (not to mention to you- that you- also owe me your- very self). Yes brother, may I benefit from you- in the lord. Relieve my heartb in the Anointed.

    Having confidence in your- obedience I’ve written to you-, knowing that you’ll- do over and above what I say. And at the same time, prepare a lodging for me, for I expect that through your= prayers I’ll be granted to you=.

    Epaphras my fellow prisoner in the Anointed greets you-. As do Markos, Aristachus, Demas, and Loukas my fellow workers. The grace of our lord Yeshua the Anointed is with your= spirit.


a) partnership in Greek has the idea of sharing everything in common

b) “heart” here is literally “innards”. Greeks considered your inner feelings to be located in your innards, while in modern English we consider them to be in your heart.

c) Onesimus is a Greek name meaning “useful”

d) This is a play on words since Onesimus is a Greek name meaning “useful”

e) amen is a Hebrew word meaning “truly”