Left Behind?

John 3
Ephesians 2
Revelation 3

Be 100% sure that the message of Christianity is wrong before you just reject it without actually checking it out for yourself.

If you’re reading this because most of your Christian friends have suddenly disappeared, and the world seems to have gone crazy and you’re wondering how you’re going to keep going…

Then it could be true. They’re gone, and you were left behind.
Yeshua has taken all his people, the Christians, out of this world and is about to send seven years of judgement on the heads of those who remain. Famines, earthquakes, asteroids, so many things. Billions of people will die. Literally billions.
They will be given chances to turn to him, but most will persist in their wilful ignorance and rebellion against him.

If this hasn’t happened yet, then can I please implore you to be 100% sure that the message of Christianity is wrong before you just reject it out of hand without actually checking it out for yourself.
Even if you think you’re a Christian, … read the New Testament and make sure.
If you think you don’t have time, then just get started by reading the few chapters linked with this article.

Honestly, until I was 25 I thought I was a Christian because I’d been brought up in a Christian country, and I’d gone to Sunday School when I was younger, and I’d been baptised when I was born. Then a disaster of my own making happened and the only people who stuck by me were Christians, so I ended up going with them to church.
And one Sunday, sitting alone because my friends were all away on a camp, I saw the bread and wine at the front of the church and suddenly realised that I belong to Yeshua.
Totally changed my life. Totally saved my life.

I still wasn’t perfect, but I was forgiven. I was loved, I was accepted. I had a purpose. I had a destiny.
I knew 100% for sure that after death I would be in heaven until the New Earth was created, and then I would live there forever with Yeshua as king. Wow.

So please. Make sure. Be convinced either way, why you are, or why you aren’t a Christian.
If you choose to not be that it’s totally up to you. But be sure.
You don’t want to read this after we’re all gone and wish you had.

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