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Back in the ‘80s John White wrote a challenging little book called “Flirting with the World” in which he called out the church of the day for taking on some of the World’s ways and methods.
The church is the bride of Christ. Effectively we’re his fiancé. So when the church does things the way the World does, instead of the way Yeshua does… we’re kind of flirting with someone while we’re engaged to someone else!
It’s a bit slutty, and pretty disappointing for a girl of our standing.

To be honest. These days I feel like the church has moved way beyond flirting, and she’s actually having an affair. Full on, sleeping with the World.

To Be, Not To Be examines many opposing characteristics of the modern church and asks should we be this or should we be that?

Should we be Missional, or Attractional? Should we be Giving, or Making? Should we be Connection, or Entertainment? Should we be God’s Way, or Our Way?

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