What Should We Do

Exodus 20
Matthew 22:37-40
Matthew 5, 6
Romans 6:14-15
Romans 7:6
Colossians 2:14

For sin won’t have lordship over you, because you aren’t under law, but under grace. What then? Will we sin because we aren’t under law but under grace? May it never be!

There is a more detailed explanation of all this in Rules for Christian Living. You might like to read that one after you read this.

For Adam and Eve it was pretty simple.
They were allowed to do anything at all, except eat from a couple of trees in the middle of the garden.
No pressure. No media. No non-believers trying to influence them. And just one rule. Life was good.
They still broke it! (But that’s another story). And there was a punishment - they were banished, and now life would be tough.

Then there was a long period where there were no rules at all. (Since you couldn’t even get to the garden of Eden any more). And everyone did whatever they wanted.

With Abraham, God introduced the rule about males being circumcised, but still no rules. As long as they were circumcised, they could do as they wanted.

And then came Moshe, and everything changed. Massively.
Yahweh had redeemed his people from slavery in Egypt but he wanted them to live differently to the nations around them.
He wanted them to stand out as different. He wanted the other nations to ask the question, “Why do Yahweh’s followers not live like us?” So with Moshe, he introduced the 10 commandments. But if you read carefully around there, you can actually find 613 commandments. These were just the “Top Ten”. All together this became known as “The Law”.
So for about 1500 years the Jews lived with all these rules. (Sometimes they did OK, sometimes not so well).
When they broke them, there were consequences - separation from Yahweh, and for some of them - death.
But with so many rules, and with humans being who they are, Yahweh knew right from the start that they would never be able to keep them, so when he introduced the rules, he introduced a way for us to make things right again. At least temporarily.
If you sacrificed an animal, its blood would cover over the things you did wrong, and made things right between the person and Yahweh - they were no longer be separated from Yahweh. Temporarily.

And then came Yeshua, and everything changed. Massively.
Yeshua offered himself as a sacrifice. And his blood made everyone right with Yahweh - no more separation from Yahweh. Permanently.
But more than that, the Bible also says that The Law, those rules introduced around Moshe’s time, was nailed up there with Yeshua and it also passed away. It’s gone. There is no more Law.

So then Christians are back to doing what they want. It’s all permissible.
But just like before, Yahweh wants other people to ask the question, “Why do Yahweh’s followers not live like us?”
We should still stand out from those around us.
But not because it’s a law and we’ll be separated from Yahweh, but just because we want to glorify him by how we live.

To help us do that Yahweh sends his spirit to live among us, to guide us, to help us make those decisions about how we should live, and what we should do in every circumstance. It’s not about right and wrong, it’s about doing what glorifies Yahweh the most.

Actually we do have one rule. “Love one another the way Yeshua loved us”
That’s what we should do.

If you’re ever not sure what to do - ask if you are loving others the way Yeshua loved you.
Are you sacrificing yourself for their benefit? Or are you being selfish?
Are you doing what glorifies Yahweh and his son Yeshua?

And ask the Holy Spirit to show you.
We have total freedom, but let’s not abuse it.

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