What’s Your Excuse

Exodus 4
Acts 7
Romans 12
1 Corinthians 12

For even as in one body we have many parts, but the body parts don’t all have the same function. In the same way, although we are many, in the Anointed we’re one — and so each one of us are body parts of one another.

When Yahweh appeared to Moshe and told him to go and lead his people to freedom, to confront the Pharaoh of Egypt and demand that he let them go from their slavery…
He asked if Yahweh could send his little brother instead.

Seriously. The God of the universe personally appears to you, a shepherd. Proves to you who he is by doing some pretty cool miracles with your rod and your hand… And asks you to lead his people to freedom and you make excuses!
“I’m not eloquent, and I’m slow of speech”.

And, “My little brother is better at that than me, please send him instead.”
Moshe hasn’t even seen his little brother for 40 years.
He doesn’t even know if he’s still alive.

God didn’t ask you to be eloquent. He didn’t ask you to make speeches.
And he didn’t ask your little brother. He asked you.
He asked you to relay his message to Pharaoh and to lead his people.

Besides which, …
In Acts 7 we read that “the daughter of Pharaoh picked him up and reared him as her own son. And Moshe was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and he was powerful in words and works.”
Basically he grew up as Pharaoh’s grandson, so he went to the best “schools”, and he would have had the best teachers anywhere.
And Egypt was famous for being a very advanced culture.
And in all that, Moshe was “powerful in words and works”.

Can you think of anyone on the planet who would have been more qualified to deliver Yahweh’s message to Pharaoh and to lead the Jewish people to freedom?

It’s a scary ask for sure.
And he might have thought in the natural the he would die if he goes back.
We know he was where he was because last time he stood up for his people he got scared for his own life and ran away.
But God is asking you to go. If you die, you die. God is asking you to go.

God had taken a nobody, just an ordinary baby born to Jewish parents. Under extraordinary circumstances he had arranged to have him raised as a prince of Egypt. And Moshe was a leading figure in Egypt for most of his first 40 years.
Then he ran away, and instead of restoring him straight away Yahweh taught him to be a shepherd for the next 40 years.
(BTW: A lot of today’s church leaders could do with this lesson.
You’re a shepherd, not a CEO. Just saying).

Now, after being a shepherd for 40 years, he was actually ready for Yahweh to use him in one of the greatest roles of all history.

And he tries to wriggle out of it!

So then, let’s fast forward 3,500 years… to now.
To you.

Yahweh is very unlikely to ask you to go to Pharaoh and to lead his people to freedom.
But if you read through Romans 12 you’ll see that every one of us is a part of the body. (The body of Christians).
And just like it is with your own body, every part has a role to play. Some bigger, some smaller.
But each one of us has been uniquely gifted by God to do a particular thing. And it’s important that we do.

Are you doing it?
(If you are doing it… maybe this will help you help someone who isn’t to take that first step)

If not, why not? What’s your excuse?
Is it as good as Moshe’s?

Do you stammer?
Are you too busy with work or family?
Do you not know where to start?
Are you afraid?

You’re not the first one! I think fear was a big factor for Moshe. Otherwise he would have just jumped up and run to Pharaoh.
Punching the air as he ran, and shouting, “Yes!”, “Yes!”.
But he didn’t do that. (Not just because he wasn’t influenced by modern musicians).

And for you, even if your role is a little one, it can still be scary to get started.
But let me encourage you to trust God, who gave you the gift, to teach you how to use it, and to put you in a church where you can.

C’mon, stop making excuses and take the first step.
If you do that and then bail out and hide, at least you took the first step.
But you might find that you love it, and your whole life will change to one which has a purpose, and which has fulfilment.
And you will actually be making a difference to other people’s lives. Perhaps the way you always wanted to.
Your job might be small, but it is important.

Hearts, brains, lungs, digestive system, legs… they all seem pretty important eh.
Big toes don’t seem too important, but it seems that without them it’s really hard to walk.

And for sure, pastors and missionaries are important too. But they can’t do everything.
And honestly I think we’ve elevated their importance because we’ve been influenced by the business world.

Every part of your body is there for a reason. And you are in your church for a reason.
Talk with someone this week about what that might be, and how you can fulfil it.

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