Who’s Driving?

Romans 8
Matthew 6
Colossians 3
Philippians 4

Sick of detours that leave you feeling lost and guilty?

I’m sure you get the analogy of a person driving their own car as being an “image” of a non-Christian.

The other seats in the car are empty. They are in complete control. But they are driving aimlessly through life, not really knowing where they are going.

They see Yeshua by the side of the road and he asks for a lift. They oblige.

After a while, they realise that Yeshua knows what he is talking about, and knows a lot about the road and where they should be going.

They start to let him navigate. Things go well.

Suddenly, they pull down a side road. Yeshua asks, “Why are we going down here?” They are a bit embarrassed to answer, but just claim it’s a small detour that they need to make.

Yeshua looks a bit uncomfortable, but they continue down that road.

Eventually, feeling guilty for their choice, they head back to the road that Yeshua suggested.

Eventually they realise that Yeshua is right. They shouldn’t go down those roads, so they switch seats.

They let Yeshua drive the car and they take over the navigation.

Yeshua has more control than before, but he still reluctantly takes us on detours when we insist.

Soon, we realise that Yeshua needs to be the driver AND the navigator.

We jump in the back seat.

We’re in the back, so Yeshua has even more control than before.
But even there, we still tend to be “back seat drivers” and keep asking Yeshua to take us places he doesn’t want to go.

We don’t go down that road as often, but we keep nagging from the back seat.

Finally, we realise what we need to do.

We get in the trunk and let Yeshua have full control.

Sick of detours that leave you feeling lost and guilty?

Get in the trunk and give Yeshua complete control of your life.

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