Yahweh Has Your Back

Matthew 6
James 4
Genesis 22

Don’t be anxious about your life. What you might eat, what you might drink. Nor about your body, what you might wear.

When it comes down to it… what are you worried about? What makes you anxious? What is so important to you that you stress when you don’t have it?

Cars? Houses? Designer clothes?
You can survive without any of those.
Maybe feels good to have nice ones, but if it was going to cost your life, you would pass. Right?

Water? Food?
Yeah, you really do need those.

But even then…
Yeshua said, (in Matthew 6), “Don’t be anxious about your life. What you might eat, what you might drink. Nor about your body, what you might wear.”

Look at the birds… they don’t sow, or reap, or gather into storehouses.
They don’t have jobs.
Yahweh looks after them. And you are way more important to him than they are.
So, stop stressing. Yahweh will look after you.

Seek the kingdom of God, and the righteousness he gives you.
And let him provide for you.

When I was a young Christian I worked in a church for a couple of years. Living “by faith” … which for them meant I was trusting God to provide for my family and they didn’t have to pay me. It was an amazing experience, and we honestly never missed even a single meal. We never failed to pay a single bill, and were never even late with a rent payment.

Every now and then someone would take me aside after church and slip me some money. Or we would receive an anonymous envelope in the mail.
One time we had a payment due, I forget the exact amount but something like $162.
We had zero dollars. And it was the weekend, and it was due on Tuesday.
So I went to church in the morning, … but nobody took me aside.
I went again in the evening… I was making sure I talked with everyone and gave them an opportunity 😊
Right near the end someone did quietly slip me some money. $50.

We checked the mail on Monday morning. Nothing.
We checked the mail on Tuesday morning. Just a letter from our friends who were away at Bible college.
Oh well, we opened their letter to read their news. And we were surprised that it contained a cheque for $112. Exactly the amount we needed for our bill that day.

We asked them later why such an odd amount? They had received a tax return of $1120 and had given us 10%!

I can testify that Yahweh will provide, and all you have to do it seek the kingdom of God, (make his kingdom the priority in your life), and not worry about where food, money anything like that is going to come from. He has your back.

But let me add this one more thing.
Yahweh isn’t promising to pay for fancy cars, or big houses.
If you take on a huge mortgage which you really can’t afford, he’s not promising to bail you out and pay it for you.

James 4 is pretty full on.
You desire, but you don’t have. You fight and quarrel, but you just can’t get what you want.
What should you do? You should ask Yahweh for it.

But …
You do ask Yahweh for it, but still don’t have it!
Is Yeshua wrong in Matthew 6?
Is Yaakov (James) wrong in James 4?

No, says Yaakov, … You ask, but you don’t receive, because you’re asking so you can spend it on your own pleasures.
Don’t you know that fondness of the world is enmity with God?
If you take on worldly values, like fancy cars, big houses, designer clothes. All really just pleasure for yourself.
Then you are becoming an enemy of Yahweh.

And then you expect him to pay for it!

So, if you’re asking and not receiving, then honestly look at your life, and your motives, and where your focus is.
Are you being friends with the world, or are you really seeking first the kingdom of God?
Maybe you have a bigger problem than where your huge mortgage payment is going to come from if you lose your job.

And if you really are putting God’s kingdom first? If it really is the priority of your life.
Then chill out! He’s got your back. You do not have to worry about money.
(And honestly, I would say that you don’t even really have to ask him for it. He knows what you need. He’ll look after you.)
He promises, (Yeshua himself said it), he will provide for you.
Trust him.
Let that anxiety just pass on by.

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