Your Soul

John 3:16
Acts 2:37-41
John 5:24
Rom 3:21-26

Imagine for a minute a time, way in the future, where technology has improved to the point that we can now transfer the “real you” into a computer.

I guess by soul we mean the spiritual part of you. Some people might call it the real you.
I know some people argue about whether your spirit and your soul are different. But let’s just not get into that here.

Imagine for a minute a time hundreds of years from now, where technology has improved to the point that we can now transfer the “real you” into a computer.

Do you think that this might actually be a possibility sometime way in the future? Maybe way way in the future?
If you do, then you have an idea about what defines “your soul”.

This real you which is transferred into new hardware is what I’m calling “your soul”.

But so what?

If you agree that you have a soul, which one day could live on in a computer without your body, then the question we need to ask then is...
If your soul is the real you which currently lives inside your body, then what happens to your soul when your body dies?

Have you ever thought about that?
Does it stop existing too?

Does it keep existing?

The Bible says it keeps existing.
And that it faces judgement.
If you’ve done bad things during this lifetime in your body… your soul is sent to Hell. A place of eternal suffering.
(Sounds horrible, and maybe a bit extreme, but that’s the rules).

If you’ve done good things as well your suffering might be less, but you still head there.
If you’ve only done good things, and never done anything bad… you’re lying, or misguided.
Nobody can claim that.

Well… there was one person:
Yeshua, the son of Yahweh, (God), did lead a perfect life. He never did anything wrong his whole life.
He showed us what we should have done.

Technically the Jews could have been saved by keeping their laws, (things like the ten commandments), but up until Yeshua 2,000 years ago, nobody had ever done it. Everyone failed somewhere. (I fail pretty much every day ☹️)

But then after earning his own salvation, Yeshua sacrificed himself and paid the price for anyone who would trust in him.
So for me, I have done some bad stuff. Maybe even worse than you.
But I’m sure I’ll be heading into Heaven, to spend eternity with Yeshua and the other Christians.
Just because I’ve accepted his offer to be punished in my place so I have no debt left to Yahweh.

You can make the same choice.
You can be guaranteed entry to Heaven just by accepting that sacrifice on your part.
I know it sounds too good to be true. But it’s true.

Here are the verses linked to this article. From the Little Watchman Translation.

John 3:16
    For in this way God loved the world — he gave his only born son so that everyone who trusts in him won’t be destroyed but may have everlasting life. 

John 5:24
    Amen, amen, I say to you=, that the one who hears my message and trusts the one who sent me has everlasting life, and won’t come into judgement but has crossed over from death to life. 

Acts 2:37-41
    But when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and they said to Petros and the rest of the ambassadors, “What should we do? Men? Brothers?” But Petros declared to them, “Repent and be immersed, each of you=, on the name of Yeshua the Anointed, into the pardoning of sins. And you’ll= receive the gift of the holy spirit. For the promise is to you= and to your= children, and also to all those who are far away, as many as Yahweh our god will call to himself.” And with many other messages he pleaded with and entreated them, saying, “Be saved from this twisted generation.” Indeed then, those who gladly welcomed his message were immersed, and about three thousand souls were added on that day.

Romans 3:21-26
    But now, the righteousness of God, apart from the law, has been manifested, being testified to by the law and the prophets — the righteousness of God through faith in Yeshua the Anointed into all and on all those who trust. For there’s no distinction because all have sinned and lack the glory of God, but are being freely declared righteous by his grace through the redemption which is in Anointed Yeshua, whom God set forth, a propitiation through faith in his blood, in order to display his righteousness — because of the overlooking of the sins committed before now, in the tolerance of God, to display his righteousness in the present time, to show him as righteous, and as the one who declares righteous by the faith of Yeshua.  

Mail me if you want to discuss it, or to ask questions.
But at least talk it over with a Christian. Like a Pastor or a Priest… or a Christian friend.

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